Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples

evidence of first-hand research, quick confident gestural drawings showing a response to this environment, and scrawled annotation, these sketchbook pages – showing the development of ideas for a sculpture entitled ‘Stone Egg’ – .

Created with PODS stencil , designed by Jane LaFazio PODS stencil! designed by Jane LaFazio I've very excited to announce that I hav.

From Stillman Birn on FB WINTER STARLIGHT - Jean Mackay “One of the things I like best about keeping an artist journal is capturing a singular moment or experience and holding it between the pages or sharing it with the wider world.

Observational drawing from my first project at Leeds; experimenting with pencil, pen, paint and stitch.

Observational drawing, experimenting with pencil, pen, paint and stitch. I could draw and experiment with drawing dead or alive flowers