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Shona Ballentyne
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10 Ways a Young Woman can Saturate Her Life with Scripture

A joyful and radiant life is one that is saturated in Scripture. The Bible is our guide book, and holds the truths we need to cling to in hard times.

Love this! I especially like the first sentence, "Women of God can never be like the women of the world."

Lord help me! Aspiring to be the best wife I can be, to prepare now to be a wonderful mother and to be everything a woman of God should be!

~Holy Week: Why is it called "Holy"?

HOLY WEEK: WHY IS IT CALLED HOLY? Dear brethren in Christ, here you have an infographic which explains why the most important week in the liturgical year is called “holy”. It is called … ~ Catholics Striving for Holiness

The funniest picture books for kids

Choose books with captivating illustrations and your child will fall in love with books forever! 30 of our favourite picture books, each with stunning illustrations and fabulous storylines too!

Why Saying "Calm Down" To Your Kids Doesn't Actually Work - The Mommy View

"Calm down" is a phrase that we all use, especially with kids when experiencing intense emotions. Here are some alternative phrases that just might yield better results, and an action plan to put them in place. Parenting tips.


This is beautiful, and such a sweet idea for children and adults alike. ABC Verses A to Z Bible Verses for Children 26 by Huetopia

Ugh toothache

So I hate dentists & have toothache that feels like somebody stabbing my ear at the same time. It's only taken since Monday to get me to make an appointment!

'Our Family' rock garden; and you can add more rocks as your family grows.

Family Rock Garden - Natural Keepsakes -The project could easily be done with polished flat stones and weather proof paint or you can purchase pre-made ones from Serenity Health and Home Decor., cute idea for rob and anns site :)