how-to letter in chalk

My Vintage Window: How I letter in chalk. An imperfect tutorial - art lettering - fun fonts - chalk - chalk art

12 tips on staying inspired

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THIS. Too*

Ashleigh Long on

Louis called, he wants his clothes back.<<< Harry loves Louis so she's trying t win him back.

(Gif) I love this boy :D ♥ <<< How can you not love this boy?! I mean really?! He is so adorable!!

(Gif) poor Liam who the hell would do such a thing here lemmey give u a big bundle of your fears :-/

"I dunno man, I just like to eat."

vick on

"I dunno man, I just like to eat." I can just imagine the look on his face. Niall quit being so cute!<<<<<< pining just for the comment lol I just like to eat:)

Josh Devine at 1D World!

Josh Devine on

Josh Devine at the store! How is he not getting attacked? If i was there, i would run up and like, hug him soo tightly and take a pic and buy him coffee so then he'd fall in love with me a bring me on tour and eventually ill get to see all the boys

Demi Lovato

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Oh my...

is it just me, or does harry look so much older in this picture! But look at Liam tho HOW CUTEEEEE❤️