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Waxy tots are very popular with our customers…
a cup filled with marshmallows and cookies next to some candies on a pink background
Daisy Ray
Waxy Tots - You Can't Catch Me (Gingerbread)
a jar of waxy tots next to a wooden scoop
Wax Melts U.K. | Home Fragrance | whipped soap |Daisy Ray
Waxy Tots - Tutti Frutti
a bucket filled with white and green marshmallows next to a wooden spoon
Daisy Ray
Waxy Tots - Sweater Weather
an ice cream container filled with pink and blue candy beans next to other bowls full of colorful candies
Daisy Ray
Waxy tots - Dark Magic
a cup filled with candy canes on top of a pink surface next to a pile of white and orange candies
Waxy Tots - Candy Cane
Waxy Tots - Candy Cane Lane
Merry GrinchMas Waxy Tots
Our merry grinchMas waxy tots were a big hit this Christmas
Snow Fairy Waxy Tots! - All our wax melts are vegan and cruelty-free. Snow Fairy, Magical Fairy, Candy Floss, Perfect Gift For Him, Sweet Candy, Wedding Hair And Makeup
Snow Fairy Waxy Tots! - All our wax melts are vegan and cruelty-free.
several wooden bowls filled with purple and white food
Lavender Waxy Tots
Sweet Dreams Waxy Tots & Stars ⭐️💫 - in the scent Lavender.
some yellow and white candies are next to a cup with a lid on it
Bananarama Waxy Tots
Smile like a Banana with our new rich & creamy Banana Waxy Tots - These little tubs of cuteness are 150g, just scoop the amount your heart desires and melt in your wax burner.