"Warp, 2010, Mixed media with magpie feathers," by Kate MccGwire. Photo: Tessa Angus.

Beautiful iridescent feather sculpture from Kate MccGwire //Warp, 2010 Photo: Tessa Angus

Kate MccGwire uses feathers as a medium. "Feathers are a familiar object that she redefines into a material that powerfully surges"

the work of Kate MccGwire that uses feathers as its medium. Feathers are a familiar object that she redefines into a materials that powerfully surges. Shown above: Deave, Sluice, and Retch.

Kate MccGwire  Feathers

Kate MccGwire (Feathers) weird unusual creepy but very artsy".inspire me to do something with feathers.

Kate MccGwire sculpture

SMOULDER, 2010 Mixed media with pigeon tail feathers, antique metal trunk and glass dome-kate MccGwire

Feather Sculptures by Kate MccGwire sculpture multiples feathers birds

life-as-a-lab: “ Amazing sculptures from artist Kate McGwire who creates organic objects from thousands of collected pigeon feathers.

feathers by Kate MccGwire.

Kate MccGwire’s work is simply stunning. I am mesmerized by her sculptures and installations. All images © Kate MccGwire The installation above was made out of chicken wishbones…


EXHIBITION: DISQUIET BEAUTY Disquiet Beauty at Rochester Art Gallery will explore the binary forces of attraction and repulsion through the use of natural materials.

Kate MccGwire

Take a look at these beautiful braided feather sculptures by British artist and sculptor, Kate MccGwire.

Katie MccGwire at the RWA

Katie MccGwire at the RWA