Bullet through the Apple, 1964 MIT professor Harold Edgerton invented the strobe flash in the 1930s and this is an example of his stroboscopic photography

Dr Strobe: the man who stopped time and electrified photography – in pictures

This also is an obvious image of a movement because this cup of milk is falling and the milk is spilling everywhere.

Milk Captured in Time

this is an example of long exposure and fast shutter speed, it captures a series of movements in one picture. It is also a helpful technique when working with dancers and musicians. The equipment needed for this is a camera, spare batteries and lenses.

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Use these weird lighting tricks to add motion blur to your photos, whoosh!

Moody lighting is used in this photo to help emphasize the blurred motion of the subject. The scene uses low light and darkness to create the moody atmosphere.

Overlay of images all in the same space, using shutter speed to take different movement shots I like this image because it has one focus, which is the girl sat on the chair but the movement of her around the image, giving it a different meaning

By ♥KatB Photography♥ Kathryn

The way that the head is blurry shows that the picture was taken when the person was in motion.  It adds the idea of movement to a still picture.

“ Suede bow tie by Billy Kidd was shot by Billy Kidd. Purchase bow ties at billybowtie.

A red double-decker bus passing in front of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on Westminster Bridge in London via flickr

Tripod Photography - A red double-decker bus passing in front of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on Westminster Bridge. Another example of photography using a tripod.

Stunning High Speed Photography

The stunning art of freezing time: 20 excellent examples of high speed photography

By Sophie Wells The rule of composition they have used is rule of thirds The lighting they have used is from the side to give a reflection to the flick I like this picture as it shows how a normal picture would look but contrasts it with the blur  I chose this as it subtly shows disorder and confusion

Distortion Photography Model : Sophie Wells, shows how movement can change the look and views of the photo

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Long exposure light trails on a winding road