Mark making inspiration for monochrome surface pattern design - bold black & white print

Abstract painting / Michael Chase / Black and white / Varying sizes of cardboard cut into strips and used as a mark making tool. Ink, powder paint and acrylic. Create surface texture with Calk or Pollyfiller and then rub in a glaze or wash.

Japanese Marbling - inky surface pattern design inspiration

Uses Chinese rice paper, Asian Sumi ink, water and a surfectant that keeps the ink on the surface of the water.

Textiles Sketchbook with mark making experiments; surface pattern development; art portfolio // Elizabeth Gracie

Textiles Sketchbook with mark making experiments; art portfolio // Elizabeth Gracie focusing on fabric - tweed textile?

facets, line work, drawing workshop

{{shame I don't know the artist, but I enjoy these types of artworks a lo,t because I see them as relating to nature, the solar system, everything connects and it's messy but extremely beautiful (gab) }}: