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Siân Clayton

Art, Tats, Crafts, Animals, Films, Places and a lot of Kitty-Cats!
Siân Clayton
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batnap time!

All a Baby Fruit Bat (Flying Fox) could need. A purple surrogate mother, a nipple/pacifier, and the love of many batty volunteers to love him! Remember the world will be a terrible disease ridden , insect infested, flowerless place to live without bats.

a long way to grow

A baby Flamingo and it's mom looking down in love. I have never seen a baby Flamingo! So adorable with those long legs!

Maine Coon

Forestdew is a very gentle, and kind cat. She has just turned into a warrior three moons ago. She is very strict, but will always help you 'till you've mastered the skill. (Up For RP) Beautiful Cats!

Хранитель северных лесов. Norwegian forest cat

Chat des forêts norvégiennes - So beautiful! "Here is one majestic Norwegian forest cat, perched on a tree stump and seemingly playing the role of a guardian of his patch of woods.