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Your Worth is not Measured by the Size of Your Waist by Rachele Cateyes

Cateyes doesn’t focus solely on negative commentary, however; she’s also inspired by the body-positive community, with much of her work offering kindness and support to others.

Totally. This is my creed!

My name is Athena, I am have had fibromyalgia for 3 years, suffered chronic pain & fatigue for most of my life as well as many other chronic illnesses. I have two children & am a SAHM. I am here for support & to support, feel free to send me a.

Me all the time. Except the love part doesnt happen and going to wonderland... (Another pinner)

Valfre - After I finish my food. Lets fall in love and run away to wonderland, okay? this was like after our first date when I ate EVERYTHING