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KEEP CALM AND Love Aphmau. Another original poster design created with the Keep Calm-o-matic. Buy this design or create your own original Keep Calm design now.

Aww cute drawing!

baCKGROUNDS ARE OVERRATED HA HA, I'm sorry I can't draw backgrounds to save my life☂ . Just because I drew Aph and Aaron doesn't mean I ship it ok? So don't get all upset at me for drawing it, and no I will not draw your ship.

my bestie drew this :)

Felt compelled to draw this cutie after today's mystreet episode. Katelyn us one of my favorite characters, she's so tsun! Kinda wanted to draw her as a kitty as well, but that's for another day.

Me ship be sailing ^-^

Don't you just hate when your ship starts to sail, but then, it sinks? Like mystreet travlyn?

this picture is full of emotions in this pic; first Katelyn is Jelly of the fact that Travis is pulling Lucinda in closer I DO NOT SHIP #Travlyn I am a #Travcinda shipper,second Zane and Kawaii~chan Its so cute because Zane is just soo happy for his BBF and Kawaii is just being Kawaii~chan and Shipping I also like how Zane is covering Kawaii~chan's eyes Its cute,third Laurence and Garroth There happy for Aphmau evan if that have lost her I feel sorry for them,#Aarmau I hate it I ship #Garmau

This fanart is the cutest. I used to ship all the Aphmau x (usual insert name here), but after season 2 episode I was leaning closer to AarMau.