Firefighter Sensory Play -need play house, shaving foam, orange paint, water in a spray bottle or shampoo bottle. Plus the fire engine and crew of course.

Community Helpers: Firefighter Sensory Play

Uh where were the cute fire fighters this year? Create a vibrantly colored "burning building" with this easy sensory play idea! Great for community helpers and firefighter themes, fine motor, dramatic play.

Build a house for the pigs on the Finger Gym.

Construction EPA // define work area // story // Build a house for the pigs on the Finger Gym.

Farm Small World at Twodaloo

Farm Activities for Toddlers: Farm Small World

For the sensory table? Create a farm small world scene using sensory materials to encourage sensory exploration, imaginative play, language development, and more!

Superhero small world play. Fun superhero play idea!

Superhero Small World

My son loves small world play so I made this neat superhero small world for him. He had a great time playing with it. It was perfect for pretend play!

We used chalk to draw a road layout on the tuff tray. @SuesChildminding #tufftray #childminder

They also get to learn about roads/roundabouts/zebra crossings etc!

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