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10 Creative Ways to Paint Your Stairs: Here's a fun idea that turns the painted stair runner on its head: instead of painting the middle of the stairs, paint the edges, so the 'runner' is the natural wood color.

hall trappa

Inspiration till en vacker och organiserad hall

All white with a hint of natural by way of a beautiful handrail. Love an olive tree too.

Scupltural wooden staircase with handrail in dark wood.

Designer Urd Gundermann live with art and design from the whole family

the house of designer Naja Lauf - @bolig-femina.dk

whitewashed wood-panel floors, a curvilinear staircase, and dark-stained wood in iben and niels ahlberg's book, new style generation, gen one (photo and styling by the ahlbergs)

Trætype som gelænder: olieret merbau. Resten = hvidmalet fyr.

Trapper under åben himmel - fra Top Wood trapper.