Silhouette Secrets

A collection of silhouette which I started pinning when we began planning the film "Silhouette Secrets". The idea was to pin anything which might conceivably be…
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the silhouette of a man in a suit and tie is shown on a white background
Time Machine Now Live!
Global Time Machine Now Live! – The Roving Artist
an old framed portrait of a man in uniform
Sold at auction Silhouette Portrait of a Soldier Auction Number 2524B Lot Number 628 | Skinner Auctioneers
two men sitting on couches in a living room talking to each other and looking at something
Magic Meets Art
An interview with Paul Daniels - Stories within Stories - within our film Silhouette Secrets there are a number of stories. One of our favourites is the interview with Paul Daniels when he and Charles talk about Dai Vernon a well known Canadian magician and a lesser known talented silhouettist.
a man with curly hair wearing a white shirt and blue tie smiling at the camera
Silhouettist Press Coverage
a man standing in front of a white wall with the words silhouette secrets on it
Silhouette Secrets
Silhouette Secrets is available on Amazon
a black and white photo of a man in front of the eiffel tower
Souvenir postcard silhouette cut at the top of the Eiffel Tower in the 1920s. The artist had the postcard printed with an empty oval and stuck the silhouettes in. #silhouettes #portrait #paperartist
Hubert Leslie's silhouette duplicate albums. From "Can a shadow survive a fire?" Albums, The Story, Album, Heard, Leslie
Can a shadow survive a fire?
Hubert Leslie's silhouette duplicate albums. From "Can a shadow survive a fire?"
an old framed portrait of a woman's head with a hairdow on it
World Famous Silhouette Artist
Antique American Silhouette Pair With Rare Painted Bodies. Notice the small bodice which shows a keen eye of the artist as often modern silhouette artists make the bust line or bodice too thick and stylized, this is accurate.
a painting of a woman's head with waves coming out of her hair and the words putt on it
Happiness Is Just A Moment.
Art Lesson idea! Profile portrait with watercolour! #artsed #arted - love it!!
a drawing of a man's head with many things on it
3rd Grade Machine Brains
thomas elementary art rube goldberg silhouette portraits
an apple with a silhouette of a child on it's side, cut in half
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apple silhouette at week 39
a man standing in front of a blue background with the shadow of his head and arm
1973 – Pushing Ahead of the Dame
could this really be david bowie?
jazz art portrait by ken joslin of eric dolphy
The Jazz Art Paintings of Ken Joslin
jazz art portrait by ken joslin of eric dolphy
two framed silhouettes hang on the wall next to an old frame with a shadow of a woman
pair of silhouettes in the attic at denis sever's house in shoredutch
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