Thai restaurant - warm tones with a splash of colour

One of the many restaurants, the Thai Restaurant newly refurbished with bespoke carpeting and stunning wall panels covered in fabric, supplied by The Silkroad and imported to Sri Lanka.

The greenery adds a colonial feel to this restaurant

Palm Lounge ~ formally The Ship Hotel. The jazz night here is worth a try. Three course meal in decadent surroundings with live jazz, perfect.

A simple space, with the artwork being the centrepiece of the room

The designer chose a monochrome effect in the dining room to eliminate fuss.

Twinkling table with stunning crystal and silverware

Twinkling table with stunning crystal and silverware

Shiny surfaces creating light and reflection

Well chosen accessories create interest - reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass provide a feel of space.

Stunning and original dining table

London Townhouse : Salas de jantar modernas por The Silkroad Interior Design

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