When you turned it upside-down, it made the appropriate noise...likely wouldn't entertain a child for a nano-second today!

Turn this over and it made a moo sound! I think I remember this from the church nursery when I was little.

Poleroid one step instant photos 1970's. We didn't have digital, but we still had instant photography (after a few shakes of the wrist, of course).

Polaroid One Step instant photos camera, We didn't have digital, but we had instant photography (after a few shakes of the wrist, of course).

Remember the great novelty toys of the '70's? Well one of them has made a COME-BACK and is just as popular as ever! The Drinking Bird has retained his youthful stamina for trying to quench his thirst,

Happy Drinking Dunking Bird Bobbing Head

ThinkGeek :: The Infamous Drinking Bird My lonely life as an engineer needs it

Remember when ... super balls

Stuiterballen / bouncing balls things/balls use to fly high ! Boy, did they bounce or what!

Clackers - Do you remember these? We had some orange ones. They were recalled off of the market because they exploded sometimes.

The most dangerous toy ever - glass, yes, glass, "clackers" and yes, I had these suckers they hurt if u missed. But fun


Tupperware Shape O Toy. Thanks to this toy my daughter knew what a pentagon was before she was out of nappies.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century featuring Gil Gerard and Erin Gray.

Buck Rogers TV Series 1979 - 1981 Standing Erin Gray, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Felix Silla as Twiki/Odee-x, and Gil Gerard.

"Mr Benn", the work of writer and illustrator David McKee (1971)

" As if by magic the shop keeper appeared" Celebrating 40 years of Mr Ben and Danger Mouse, The Illustration Cupboard

Witchy Poo! H.R. Pufnstuf

Get This Special Offer Billie Hayes Promotional Photograph H. Puf-N-Stuf as Witchiepoo