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Smokey Scotch Egg with a Pork Scratching Crust

Smokey Scotch Egg with a Pork Scratching Crust

Avocado Scotch Egg ~ Recipe | Tastemade

Recipe with video instructions: You probably won't find this in the local boozer. Watch as we prepare the best Scotch egg recipe ever Ingredients: 3 ripe avocados, 4 medium eggs, 3 tablespoons.

These are no ordinary Scotch eggs! Chicken teriyaki chicken Scotch eggs will wow your friends and family this Easter.

This teriyaki chicken recipe puts a new twist on the classic Scotch egg. Don't miss our yummy recipe!

These quick, simple and deliciously classic scotch egg pasties are the perfect snack to enjoy al fresco.

A tasty little summer snack, this quick & simple scotch egg pasties recipe creates the perfect hearty brunch/lunch to enjoy al fresco this sunny season.

Truffle and parmesan potato scotch eggs. You can vary this recipe by leaving out the truffle and parmesan and stirring in spring onions and grated cheddar.

Truffle and parmesan potato scotch eggs; probably the best scotch egg you'll ever have tasted. The addition of truffle oil and parmesan makes this recipe sublime.

Chocolate heaven: The Easter scotch egg

You have this woman to thank for the creation of the chocolate scotch egg

I love a classic scotch egg, so willing to give this a try!

Indian Scotch Egg or Nargisi Kebab Recipe: I love Scotch Egg & I have been tring to replicate an Indian version, the Nargis Kebab for quite some time and by jove I think I have cracked it!