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Black & White Clock by Vadim Kibardin ($500-5000) - One Day....

Vadim Kibardin’s (Kibardindesign) takes the minimalist philosophy of stripping an object to its essentials to a whole new level. The Russian designer says his Black & White Clock contains only the most necessary element, i.

Tack Tiny House

We talked about the tiny house movement before here, especially since it just seems so Seattle, and Huffington Post recently brought two tiny home enthusiasts to our attention whose minuscule.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves maintain an open, airy look and can be used to display decor or dishware in your kitchen.

This thin pull-out next to the sink has a towel rod so dish towels can dry after use (Dura Supreme Towel & Sponge Storage Solution).

Kitchen Storage Ideas - Clear the Countertops Stash dishwashing supplies out of sight. This narrow pullout provides sink-adjacent storage for dish soap, scrub brushes and hand towels. Plus, a towel rack allows the dish towel to dry after use.

pop up hidden outlets. Genius.

Save your beautiful kitchen backsplashes from unsightly electrical outlets by hiding it within your countertop. Get the most out of your counter space with a convenient, out-of-sight power strip. Kitchens Design Connection, Inc.

ToeKick/ShoeMoulding storage spaces...

Love this idea! -Tap into Storage: Put the toe-kick (the space between the cabinets and the floor) to work and install a shallow drawer in this underused space. Use the newfound storage spot to house kids' craft supplies or serving dishes and baking pans.

Uh, WHY aren't these standard?!

Wet towels go here.installs in front of shower curtain. OR, just use a plain, old shower tension rod. I always toss my towel over the shower rod, it'd be more attractive BEHIND the curtain/door.

Kitchen Counter Storage

Re-Thinking Mise en Place Containers. Commercial restaurant pans that have been set into the countertop hold utensils, salt and pepper rather than chopped veggies and herbs. I Love this idea. I wanna kitchen makeover, ASAP!