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Halsey Castle Lyrics

i'm headed straight for the castle. they've got the kingdom locked up, and there's an old man sitting on the throne who's saying that I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut. head straight for the castle.

Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Author E. Lockhart Pages 227 Summary Join Cadence during her summer 17 at the Sinclair private island. She hasn’t been to the island ever since she had the accident in summer Now she can&…

Mhm why yes I did!

One time some people in my class were getting really surprised cause this one guy finished a book in 5 days, and since I'm quiet I was just sitting in the corner like, I finish books like that in a day

Throne- Bring Me The Horizon

I love this song, it makes me upset when people give them hate because they are changing from the whole death metal genre, but you have to think about how he feels. I mean c'mon it must be irritating yelling all the time