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a basket filled with assorted pictures sitting on top of a cement floor next to a sidewalk
Ms. Stephanie's Preschool
Popsicle stick nature windows for use on the light table.
a slide that is in the grass next to some rocks
Top 5 Toddler Slides 2018
Embankment Slide w/ sit down bar
a young child playing with an inflatable water hose wall mounted to a wooden fence
children building with golf balls pvc and nuts
Image result for children building with golf balls pvc and nuts
a bunch of logs sitting on top of a grass field next to a wooden walkway
Previous Work | Earth Wrights | Natural Play
Playground Build & Design | Natural Child Play | Earth Wrights Ltd
several pieces of wood stacked on top of each other in the grass near some rocks
Natural Playgrounds Store
favorite - natural playgrounds Totally do-able. I've been known to follow tree guys and stand there while they're chainsawing pieces for me. Just gotta figure out where you'll have the height differential.
an outdoor fire pit with rocks and benches around it in the grass next to a fence
brimblegaynor on Twitter
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children playing with wooden toys in the grass
Maak samen met de kinderen een blotevoeten-voel-pad
an outdoor play area made out of tree trunks and logs with a tire on the ground
Workshops — Kids Hub Training and Consultancy
Professional Workshops — Kids Hub Training and Consultancy
three children playing with sand and water in a wooden play table outside on the grass
Outlast Cascade
Outlast Cascade: running water for loose parts play! Community Playthings $1600!
an image of a toy train track in the yard with plants and rocks around it
Recycle City
Recycle City at Puzzles Family Day Care. Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/
an outdoor play area with wooden structures and grass
wild natural play areas
wild natural play areas - Google Search
children playing in an outdoor play area made out of wood logs and rocks, while another child watches
early years ideas
early years ideas pinterest - Google Search
a wooden fence and some benches in a yard
Security Check Required
The outdoor play space at Nurtured Learning Family Day Care (This looks an awful lot like the current happening in our yard!)
a wooden slide sitting in the middle of a park
Parks and Leisure Australia
oh my! natural playscape with slide
an outdoor play area in the middle of a wooded area with stairs leading up to it
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