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"I think someone protecting our country should get paid more than a man protecting a football.."

I hate how stupid men, playing a stupid game get payed millions and millions of dollars. But the men and women risking their lives for ungrateful idiots like these football players get paid waaaaaay less than they deserve.

I so sorry

Dont repon nothing will happen its so stupid these chain posts next one i see i will report the person who posts it srry but it has to happen, comment if u aggree with me

This guy honoured a man who was killed by one of his friends while drink-driving. He offered free lifts home to people who had been drinking so make sure they got home safely. #DontDrinkAndDrive #Happy #Inspirational

Guy gives rides to drunk people in honor of a guy who killed a man while driving drunk, then filmed his confession and got prison time. His friend has spearheaded a campaign against drunk driving, and did this one night.