The font here is really cool.  Fits the vibe of us.

Rustic Industrial Restaurants

Branding, Identity & Menu Design — "Cocotte is a rustic French restaurant located in the fascinating Little India neighborhood in Singapore. The Cocotte logo takes its inspiration from old-style local French eateries and hand-painted signage.

This is a cool sign with a cool, human, vintagey font

Goat Town in East Village New York . aiming for an "elevated everyday American bistro experience".love the inside of this place, so many interesting ideas and cool looks.

This is fun and kind of stamp-like.

Mpls Bike Gangs / Double Decker Devils

Like the vintagey, classy look of the fonts.

Vintage Logo/Insignia Collection Graphics Five simple, clean, nostalgic Insignias/logos for your next vintage project.* Available and fully by TomAnders