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Sugar Skull Costumes.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sugar Skull Costumes. More

Sometimes when we have a bad day it would be nice if we could just pull out a box of all our favorite things that make us happy so we can smile again. :) I got the idea to create a happy box one summer before I moved out to my own place so I would be prepared for living on my own in case the inevitable bad day ever struck.

Great idea, but the contents need a major overhaul in my book. The last thing someone with depression needs is artificial ingredients, fragrances, sugars and such. How about popping a couple of magnesium tabs and eating a healthy snack and consider adding

Split vs how Dissociative Identity Disorder really is - with input from people living with it

Depersonalization disorder, all called depersonalization-derealization disorder, as well as DPD, is a complex disorder, characterized by a seeming detachment from the reality of oneself.