Scandinavian garden ideas

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a wooden deck with white flowers and trees in front of a black fenced area
Villa Helsingborg II - Snitsig - Proffs på Trädgårdsdesign
a wooden walkway leading to a white pergolated area with flowers and trees in the background
Sisustus Archives
Gorgeous pergola covered with ivy and vines.
there are many logs stacked on top of each other in front of the door and behind it is a shelf with several different types of wood
10 Easy Pieces: Firewood and Log Storage - Remodelista
SCANDINAVIAN HOME STAGING ★ Certified Home Stager│accredited by RESA │True…
an outdoor living area in the middle of some trees and bushes, with a stone path leading to it
How to plan a garden room, plus design ideas to inspire you
Discover garden room design ideas on HOUSE by House & Garden, including this mix of English and Norwegian garden design.
a long table with plates and candles on it in the middle of a grassy field
Happy Midsummer! - and a mini guide on how to create your own (my scandinavian home)
Happy Midsummer! - and a mini guide on how to create your own
three wooden planters with plants in them
Birch Bark Planters
Taking their cue from the textures of the Scandinavian forest, our rustic flowerpots have heaps of natural charm and a myriad uses.
the house is surrounded by tall grass and wildflowers, with trees in the background
Alternatives to the classic "1950s perfect lawn" | CBC News
If i wasn't afraid of snakes and had no neighbors i would love this!
an outdoor living area with couches, tables and lights
10 contained, cosy and private gardens
Relaxed outdoor space with festoon lighting, reclaimed timber furniture and candles in lanterns. Can just picture Summer nights relaxing in this space.