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dumpster transforming home green

Is there a worse place you can imagine living? One artist (or perhaps aspiring architect) has taken the dirtiest, most generic and cramped container you can

While I respect our men and women who serve… I STILL believe peace is the answer… Especially after studying the TRUE reason we go into MOST military conflicts…

“Teach your children there is no glory or heroes in war. That the glory comes from the actions that prevent war, and the heroes are the ones who implement those actions.

Good ideas don't require force.

You don’t need a reason to help people. You don’t need a reason to be good to someone. You do it for yourself, for that you are a good person and it will makes you feel happier.


You don't have the rights the government gives you. You are born with the right to do anything that doesn't cause intentional harm to another. The government, however, does it's best to prevent you from making use of the rights that you were born with.