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You Asked: Issue With Inversions

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Types Of Yoga - Which One Is Best For You?

Yoga and dance keep Penelope strong, agile and fit. She embodies her yoga practice through Namaste, honoring the light and beauty she sees in others.

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Yoga Poses for Weight Loss-Yoga poses are very effective and instant way to lose weight. Yoga is very old exercise but now people are doing it again because it is very soothing and relaxes the mind and soul. Yoga is best if it is done in the morning.


SIDE LEG LIFT (Targets outer thigh and obliques) Lay on side with legs straight and stacked on top of oneanother. Lift top leg straight up to the sky allowing your leg to come to a 90 degree angle. Lower to start. Repeat 25 x each leg.


Your Daily Bikini Dose by Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman


HALF SITUPS – CRUNCH (Targets abs) Lay with back on floor, hands behind the head and elbows wide. Legs are bent with feet on the floor. Contract only the upper torso as the head lifts a few inches off the ground then lowers down slightly.


Lay on your back with one knee bent, foot on the floor and the other leg out straight. With your hands behind your head, lift hips and straight leg off the ground to squeeze the “glute”, then lower to start and repeat. 25 x each leg.