Drawers / kitchen island

Don't forget the drawers and wine fridge in the island! Journal of Interior Design - modern and inviting, kitchen storage drawers.

Wraparound wood on outside of kitchen island (peninsula in this house) Pair with concrete or white zodiaq corian counters. The small pendant lights work well here!

Vintage Kitchen: A striking and welcoming kitchen with open rustic shelving, slate countertops on a reclaimed wood island, and vintage industrial stools.


sundaymorning, Fabio Candido, Marco Sarri, Massimo Fiorido — Appartamento a Pisa

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Parametric Fragment / Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates

Images by Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates. To reduce the amount of radiant heat in summer, west.

grey kitchen doors

Gallery of Balcony Over Bronte / Luigi Rosselli - 11