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Fashion Moodboard - fashion design research for a monochromatic fashion collection // Mary-Emma Brooks

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Fashion Sketchbook inspiration - fashion collage; fashion illustration; fashion portfolio // Rebecca Coltorti

/ MIXED MEDIA / Rebecca Coltorti (Italy) / The way the illustrator mixes graphic lines with photographs really appeals to me, I appreciate the flow of line work and the variation it gives the final image


Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development board exploring the theme of war through layers, surface patterns knit structures;

Fashion Sketchbook - student fashion design response to brief; research ideas & design notes - fashion portfolio

Art and Design Coursework: Skirt Project

Moodboard for an editorial I’ll be doing for Less Magazine / source

Love the different textures, love the play with different intensities, like the contrast with the hard black lines Fashion Moodboard - fashion design concept & inspirations;

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