Personal works - Simon Roberts

Personal Design works, both product design and furniture related pieces
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two wooden vases sitting on top of a table
Upcycled plywood tea light holders
Tea light holders made from reclaimed plywood floor tile samples, shaped into a random geometric form
the table is set with wine glasses, candles and other items for dinner or party
Floor tile samples upcycle
Unwanted floor sampling tiles made from wood and composite material converted into home/kitchen based gifts. Wine bottle holder, tea light holders, coasters and a container, all with a hexagon theme
two pieces of wood sitting on top of a wooden table
Scrap wood pallet chopping boards
Upcycled pallets converted into usable chopping boards with routed edges and sealed top coat
two pictures of the inside of a baseball bat, one with an upside down design on it
Cricket bat repair
Bringing damaged bats back to a usable condition
a drawing of a blender on top of a piece of paper next to a pair of shoes
Sketches - Achilles
a drawing of a pair of shoes and a pen on top of a piece of paper
Sketches - Standby
a pair of toothbrushes sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a marker
Sketching and Rendering
Tutorials for product design pupils on how to better use the page and increase a sketched pieces impact
some tools are sitting on top of a piece of wood
Resin and scrap wood board
Scrap hardwood pieces cut into the shape of a chopping board, with resin to fill the gaps
a wooden box sitting on top of a floor next to a radiator
Upcycled weight bench with storage
Home based weightd bench with built in storage
someone is cutting out an origami horse
Origami Dinosaur
Remote learning porject to introduce 'paper engineering'
a green plastic object with two eyes on it
Acrylic docking stand with milled slots and lathed pins
Year 7 machining project intended to introduce students to new, technical engineering processes
a christmas tree made out of wooden planks
Wooden Christmas Tree
Festive pallet wood tree made for my form group classroom
a living room with two couches and a coffee table on the carpeted floor
Live Edge Oak and Resin Coffee Table - With Flowers!
Solid oak live edge coffee table using epoxy resin imbedded with pressed flowers to bond each section together
a wooden barrel table sitting on top of a floor next to a radiator
Whisky Barrell Breakfast Bar
Upcycled whisky barrell converted into a drinks cabinet and breakfast bar
a wooden bench sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a tv monitor
Butcher Block Wooden Pallet Trunk
Upcycled pallets broken down, cut to size and glued together in a butcher block formation in order to create a large scale wooden trunk