From now on, I shall not throw away card board boxes, all the fun things you can make for your kids. The ideas are endless.

The traffic light would help in an awesome game of 'Red Light, Green Light'! How to make a traffic light out of cardboard this. Also how to make cardboard car, gas tank, etc.

Rent a film projector and use a large screen (the back of a pool or just a strectched out sheet). Make the little cars out of cardboard boxes. Pop in a great kids movie. Serve popcorn and hot dogs and its a great time for all. The kids could even decorate their own cars as part of the party.

Backyard drive-in movie party. The kids decorated their "cars" with stickers and markers before the movie. We used to have backyard "drive-in movies". It was so much fun!

Make a track with cubes & program the Bee-Bot to move accurately around it (",)

Make a track with cubes/blocks & program the Bee-Bot to move accurately around it (",)

Cardboard Box Car from Craftulate- this is a big step up from the cardboard box forts I made as a kid

Your kids will love this cardboard box car!!

This Cardboard Box Car is quick and easy to make with your kids for hours of creativity and imaginative play. They’ll love helping you decorate and color this DIY toy too!

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