heartfelt stick art...

DIY Kids Craft - Heartfelt Stick Art :) Cute for Valentines Day. So simple, collect sticks, paint them, cut them to length to make a heart, then use string or wire to keep it all together.

Glow in the Dark Bowling (perfect for camping!)

How to Create Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling In Your Home

Do you play any games at night time? Put glow sticks in water bottles for outdoor night-time bowling!

Painted Sticks

Neon Painted Sticks - 8 Piece Collection, Home Decor Props - Mantle Piece, Pattern, Driftwood Art, Stripes, Circles, Dots, Triangles, Boho

DIY Neon Painted Sticks fun trees from book pages Mixed Media Love Bird Art Lots Of Paint Tips - Use Glad Press 'n' Seal to protect objects .

glow in the dark paint on mason jars. perfect for around the firepit.  looks like lightning bugs

Do It Yourself: make a glowing jar for Christmas. from panka with love: Glowing jar project - varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU)

hobbit-house-for-your-garden.... Will make a few of these, and make a buck and sell a few to my friends and family :)

Miniature Garden Fairy Door Gnome Door Hobbit Door Elf -perfect big old tree for this -cute

Leadership Ideas to use with Students

Making use of our resources. It has sections for "Building Vision and Creativity, Building Relational Skills, Building Planning Skills etc." I haven't read through it all but so far it's a nice short read.

Movie night! (going to try to make a light weight projector screen with wood frame and stretched canvas)

Al Fresco Lighting For Summer Garden Nights

Style Your Staycation: Backyard Movie Night I'm in love with this idea.one day I want to throw a backyard movie night! (complete with bucket loads of bug spray haha)

'Canoe' Dig These Handpainted Paddles

Canoe paddles by NORQUAY Co. Inspiration for painting oars. More ideas for…

Leadership | Ice Breaker Games and Ideas

ice breaker ideas- scroll down to Ice Breaker Games

Corporate Team Building Activities - Essential Workplace Leadership Activities

Corporate Team Building Activities - Essential Workplace Leadership Activities

Corporate team building activities are an essential part of strengthening relationships and developing skills within the workplace. Team building activities don’t need to break the bank, but they should be engaging and encourage working through.