Pascale Bonenfant

V Live in Montreal? ​ L​ooking for vintage rentals and handmade items to compliment your wedding? ​Restez a Montreal?

Tommy Perez raisin em right

Designer Dad Tommy Perez Teaches His Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs. "A is for Applesauce.

Rachel Young, Alphabet Britain: alphabet from Google map aerial photographs of Britain (with list of locations)

Pictured: The Google Earth alphabet found in Britain's hedgerows, roads and buildings

Can have the students go out and find objects that look like the letters in their names, or spelling words, or even math shapes....wheels turning....

Ultimate at-home or classroom alphabet assignment. Have students hunt for letter shapes in the world around them and take photos for a slide show or.

Beachcomber's collection

alphabet in stone - some of those take a bit of imagination! but I think it would be fun to try and collect my own alphabet of stones, upgrading letters when a better shaped replacement comes along!

a new print in the style of 1920′s Eastern Bloc/communist posters ~ lots of great graphics & photos!

p-e-a-c: “ USSR vintage type & Eastern bloc art. Russian art by JuliaTrigg.

Urban Decay Alphabet, Jason Ramirez

Designer / Art Director Jason Ramirez found a full alphabet naturally occurring in the sidewalks of New York City. He appropriately calls his typeface Urban Decay. We’ll never look at sidewalks the same way again!

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