Pascale Bonenfant

"Hunting alphabet" by Pascale Bonenfant // Alphabet made ​​from the book in 7 volumes "Countries and Nations, the world in color," edited by Grolier Limited Quebec in the early The 26 letters were found, imagined and cut from its pages

Tommy Perez raisin em right

Designer Dad Teaches His 2-Year-Old Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs

Designer Dad Tommy Perez Teaches His Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs. "A is for Applesauce.

Stationery Font.

UPPERCASE had a similar project in issue we asked our readers to create alphabets out of office supplies. { via Present & Correct }

Rachel Young, Alphabet Britain: alphabet from Google map aerial photographs of Britain (with list of locations)

Pictured: The Google Earth alphabet found in Britain's hedgerows, roads and buildings

Can have the students go out and find objects that look like the letters in their names, or spelling words, or even math shapes....wheels turning....

Ultimate at-home or classroom alphabet assignment. Have students hunt for letter shapes in the world around them and take photos for a slide show or.

Geordie Alphabet by Peter Defty; a blend of architecture + typography

English photographer Peter Defty has recently produced a fantastic print for lovers of unusual typography. Using just his camera, his talented eye and a lo

Urban Decay Alphabet, Jason Ramirez

Jason Ramirez, Urban Decay: based on the phenomenon of urban decay within the…

Clothes typography

Clothing Alphabet This work is “Clothing Alphabet” by nomuramaya. It’s another typeface, this time made of different items of clothing that resemble the letters of the alphabet.

Street Words / ALPHABITUME 01 Les ALPHABITUMES sont des lettres captées sur le bitume !

Street Words / ALPHABET - have kids find letters of alphabet and photograph using iPad?

Weathered Beach Numbers Art Print

My heart skips a beat when I see this many woodblock letters together. Weathered Beach Numbers by Typography Photography.