self made stamps and their prints

Fabriquer des tampons avec des lames de parquets self made stamps and their prints (Diy Photo Mural)

Print. Love this!

Gorgeous use of lines and textures to create a captivating landscape: Ray Morimura - Japanese artist from Tokyo works mostly with wood block prints

Pyrography stroke guide. Just happens to be the other half of something I've already Pinned quite some time ago but none the less imformative for all that. Also a very good link to a lady with loads of experiance ;)

Other half of pyrography stroke guide. Also a very good link to a lady with years & loads of experience ;

Set cartes de Noël cartes de linogravure Birch par HearthandHarrow

Printmaking, rhythm, texture, Linocut birch greeting card by Hearth and Harrow:

perfect for teaching lines while "making waves" for seascapes in American Art.

Texture: paste paper examples created with cardboard tools and wadded aluminum foil

lino block for 'fur fin & feather'

lino block for 'fur fin & feather'.although i'd choose another design/pic.

inkprintrepeat's photo on InstagramWidget

inkprintrepeat's photo on InstagramWidget

Always a great feeling to finish carving the blocks to a series of designs! Looking forward to printing a small edition of this crow in black and gold on mulberry paper along with the others in the set! Love to ink