Folded gift box out of 12x12 cardstock

Easy Folded Gift Boxes

DIY- Folded gift boxes made out of cardstock (green and/or red cardstock for the holidays)! A perfect way to give someone cookies or any kind of gift this Christmas. I will be using these forever!

how to cut the perfect snowflake

How to cut the perfect snowflake/flower. I MADE THIS & they look beautiful. It's easier with printer paper than construction paper.

Bauble cakes.

Wedding cake balls instead of a big cake. exquisite Who needs these for a wedding? I think I should have them just because they're cake!

Hot Chocolate on a Stick | Make and Takes

Holiday Gift: Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot Chocolate on a Stick. I gave these as gifts at Christmas time and everyone asked for the recipe. I made the homemade marshmallow recipe too.

Heart-Shaped Marshmallows Recipe

Heart-Shaped Marshmallows

Heart-Shaped Marshmallows by All You. MyRecipes recommends that you make this Heart-Shaped Marshmallows recipe from All You

Paper Snowflakes: LOVE this tutorial!

christmas craft : how to make paper snowflakes. snowflakes are so pretty and its so easy to make paper snowflakes in different designs, using just a sheet of pa

paper box

Holidays Fit for the King is coming up this weekend! I& SO excited! This year our committee is wearing petal pushers made by Lindsey.

inspired & crafted: homemade holiday mason jar snowglobes with tiny sparkly christmas trees

Light up the night with this Glow in the Dark DIY Snow Globe. Around Christmas time, snow globes start appearing on the shelves of department stores. With this simple Christmas craft, you can learn how to make your own unique DIY snow globe.

The Bride's Diary - DIY: Glittered Snowflake Garland

Glittered Snowflake Garland With their fanciful geometric designs, delicate snowflakes are the perfect inspiration for winter craft projects. Festoon your living room with garlands of shimmering snowflakes.

How to Make Excellent Paper Snowflakes by joybx: Beyond the basics!  #DIY #Paper_Snowflakes #joybx

Dump A Day Christmas Craft Ideas - 50 Pics I am totally in love with paper snowflakes. So easy and elegant decoration! You just need some nice paper,a lot of glitter and some ribbon and you can decorate all your house with a touch of glamour