Tetsuo Aoki

Creative works by Japanese artist and illustrator Aoki Tetsuo. Check out more illustrations by Aoki Tetsuo available as art prints here. (via weandthecolor:)

Claude Monet, peintre, dans son atelier : [photographie de presse] / Agence Meurisse - 1

“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment” ~ Claude Monet. Monet is my all-time favorite artist. I love his view of Impressionism and the way he painted it. I have the canvas, Woman With a Parasol, in my home.

jenny saville

Jenny Saville - is a contemporary British painter and associated with the Young British Artists. She is known for her large-scale painted depictions of naked women. Saville works and lives in Oxford, England

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They have also been ordered to show the wall on top, then the grass and then the path/road.

Lucy Orta: designs wearable shelters that focus on the social problems like the plight of the homeless.  Building and clothes become one to provide protection.

Refuge Wear-Habitent - Lucy Orta -'Her Refuge Wear openly manifests man’s procedures of space definition, that is to say, how he produces his spatial condition. In this way, as underlined by Daniel Sibony, «to inhabit a space is to assimilate it to a body

peinture française orientaliste : Ingres, "le bain turc", harem, hammam, 1862, tondo

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres - The Turkish bath - , individual art card order at discounted prices!

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