I Love Dust – London Office    ::       created by 44th hill

I Love Dust office by Hill, London store interior decorators design office interior design

Rock Restaurant

The Rock Restaurant.Zanzibar, Tanzania: The Rock Restaurant is an extraordinary seafood restaurant located on a rock in the Indian Ocean. It serves up to 14 tables.

Murphy's Law Menu Restaurant Design

Good Menu Design- The typography in this menu in wonderful. Even though the menu lacks some graphics, the typography more then makes up for it. Everything is divided in a manner that makes the menu easy to view.


Wall Graphics “” ” Hand-​​painted wall mural by Tunnel Bravo, for The Arrogant Butcher, a new restaurant in downtown Phoenix.

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Love the idea of having a big chalkboard in the kitchen! Plus I love the hanging lights and dark blue wall.

Alice House – Queens Park --    created by 44th hill

The Alice House Queens Park, Alice House, Queens Park Bar, Restaurants in Queens Park, brunch in London

OMFG-restaurant identity

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