Fairtrade Cotton Bedding

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Everything You Need To Know About Shopping For Fairtrade Bedding
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Fairtrade cotton bedding
Beauty of Fairtrade! Fair wages for farmers, high quality products for you and good for the environment ❤️. Fairtrade is a global movement that seeks to improve conditions and local sustainability for farmers and workers – especially those in the developing world. Fairtrade seeks to ensure that farmers and workers are all safe, have good working conditions and are treated fairly. #fairtrade #fairtradeproducts #fairtradecotton #fairtradebedding #cottonbedding #organicandfairtrade
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Fairtrade Cotton bedding
Fairtrade cotton means farmers have fair payments, the environment is being protected, factory workers receive fair wages and society is growing well. Buying Fairtrade means stopping exploitation. We proudly create all our cotton bedding with Fairtrade cotton. Join us at www.sleeporganic.co.uk
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Fairtrade Cotton bedding
By opting for Fairtrade-certified organic cotton bedding, you can have a better night’s sleep knowing your purchase hasn’t contributed to human misery and exploitation. #Fairtrade Fairtrade ensures a better deal for farm workers who rely on their wages to feed their families. In poorer countries these workers are often the sole breadwinners for the family, and usually have several dependents, so they are in an especially vulnerable position.