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an image of a bed with white sheets and pillow cases on top of each other
an organic bedding set with stars and crescents on the pillowcase, in white
New arrival! Moon and Stars embroidered cot bed duvet cover with matching embroidered pillowcase and cot duvet cover. Delightfully soft and completely chemical-free, our GOTS-certified organic and Fairtrade cot bed duvet set creates the perfect environment for your child's deep and restorative sleep. Cot bed set Includes duvet cover (120cm x 150cm) finished with safe metal snap buttons and matching embroidered pillowcase (60cm x 40cm) #kidsorganicbedding #organicbedding #cotbedding #cotbed
Organic Bedding | Sleep Organic Bed Linen | Organic Cotton Bedding
We are expending our collection 🎊… Four new duvet sets and a new colour stylish Pastel Grey will be available at the end of this week 🙌🏻. Sign-up Today for getting introductory at www.sleeporganic.co.uk . . . #offer #newproduct #greybedding #organicbedding #organiccotton #introducteryoffer #discount #bedroomdecore #sleepwell #hemmedduvetcover
Christmas gifts
Beautiful Organic Christmas gifts for the whole family. Our organic and Fairtrade luxury pillowcases and duvet cover sets are a perfect gift for your loved ones. #organicgifts #luxurybedding #organicbedding #dogpillowcase #bedroomgifts #sustainablegifts #sleepgifts
an image of a bed with red flowers on it and the words sleep organic co uk
Christmas Gifts
Award winning Organic luxury bedding... Perfect Christmas presents! 100% Organic and Fairrade cotton. Treat yourself with the best organic bedding. 10% off on your first order. code WELCOME10. #Organicpresent #fairtradegifts #christmasgifts
a bed with white linens and red candles on the headboard next to it
Christmas Gifts
Change your bedding for Christmas or give lovely organic bedding presents to you loved ones. . . #christmasgifts #christmasspresents #organbicbedding #festiveseason
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What is thread count?
hread count (TC) is often thought of as an indicator of the quality of a fabric, but it's not that simple. Let’s first see the actual technical side of what thread count actually constitutes. Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a horizontal and vertical orientation per square inch of fabric. You count both lengthwise (warp) and width-wise (weft) threads. So, 100 length-wise threads woven with 100 width-wise threads produce a TC of 200. Read full article, click the clink...
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What is a good thread count for my bedding?
When considering bed linen, there is a common misconception that quality increases linearly with thread count. While up to a point this may be largely true, weaving experts report that beyond 300 to 400TC, there is no further increase in quality. In fact, the amount of thread that can evenly fit into a square inch of fabric is limited and with very high thread counts (over 600) there is a sharp decrease in breathability read full article click on the link...
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How to buy orgnaic cotton
Our co-founder gave a talk at Westfield London in Green Live Event. Regarding the importance of environment-friendly products and how to recognise them. For organic cotton make sure it has GOTS organic certification green jersey label on it. #organiccotton #organicbedding #ecofriendly #