Beautiful Sleeping Border Terrier Puppy!

this border terrior is so cute and sleepy AND I love puppies AND I love border terriors and dogs so basically I LOVE dogs and this dog !

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'Ouch, that hurts, stop biting me!' - Border Terrier Puppies

This is because this is the phase when puppies love sinking their fangs into anything, including your hands and feet.

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Gorgeous Border Terrier in a gorgeous Mutts & Hound x Studio Legohead bed

Wiltshire doggy design house Mutts & Hounds has collaborated with the tremendously talented artist and dog illustrator, Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead, to launch a new collection for your hound and home.

Opie the border terrier.

Opie, a Totally Adorable Little Border Terrier Puppy - I want!

Border Terriers are always ready to walk

Organising the SPS Group Team is a tough job for Buffy.

:) i wish i had a home with so many border terrier i love the breed, perfect dogs

This may look cute every border terrier owner knows it's just the quiet before a riot thats about to break out!