A tiny new wristband can project a tablet interface onto your arm, effectively turning it into a smartphone every time you twist your wrist.

An Android powered smart bracelet forgoes the tiny display of a typical smartwatch and projects a smartphone-size touchscreen onto the skin. Useful things

Futuristic, Alexander McQueen for Givenchy, FW 1999-2000 | House of Beccaria#

Kim Andrews さんの Cyberpunk ボードのピン

Futuristic ''circuit-board-girl' Gisele Bündchen on the runway for Alexander McQueen while he was at Givenchy , Paris , Autumn-Winter . Givenchy Haute-Couture Ready-to-wear .

Could This 3-D Printed Cast Really Heal Bones Faster? [ AutonomousAvionics.com ] #funny #meme #technology

Plastic Cast Looks Awesome And Uses Ultrasound To Heal Broken Bones Faster Designer Deniz Karasahin has created a prototype for a new kind of cast called ?

This beautiful anatomical art is made of paper, not flesh and bone.    Method: Quilling    Artist: Sarah Yakawonis. Could be done with masking like as does Danny Scheible

This beautiful anatomical art is made of paper, not flesh and bone

Leonardo da Vinci's depiction of the bones, muscles and tendons of the hand, c.1510-11 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2292206/The-startling-accuracy-Leonardo-da-Vincis-anatomical-sketches-revealed-comparison-modern-medical-scans.html

Scans that prove Leonardo da Vinci was right all along: New show reveals 'startling accuracy' of anatomical sketches which lay undiscovered for hundreds of years

Futuristic Interface - Ten Brushes - Photoshop Brushes • Download ➝…

Futuristic Interface - Ten Brushes

Futuristic Interface - Ten Brushes by Dream_eR This set contains 10 high-Res Futuristic Brushes in single ABR file and transparency PNG files.

Joyce Hicks

Joyce Hicks Finger Prints convey our identity and structure of the human bosy.

the internal architecture of bones : human bone under Scanning Electron Microscope

Human bone under Scanning Electron Microscope : Low power SEM images, showing normal bone architecture in the third lumbar vertebra of a 30 year old woman

This Futuristic iPhone Concept Is A Bizarre New Take On Wearable Technology [Gallery]

8 diseños de iWatch para soñar (o no) con un reloj de Apple

Designer Federico Ciccarese re-imagined the iPhone as a futuristic gadget that lives on the back of your hand.