green shield stamps

green shield stamps, my first saturday job.working as a runner in the green shield stamp shop!


Where I got all my Barbie dolls & Liddle Kiddles! LOVED Woolworths growing up! It always smelled like popcorn.


I used to play hopscotch every day in elementary school. A chain bracelet was my favorite marker.

Brotherhood of man

Brotherhood of Man winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 with Save All Your Kisses For Me.

I remember this packging so clearly.  Especially going downstairs in our Woolworths and a whole row being FULL of Sindy toys.  I used to fantasize about doing a 1 minute shopping dash down that row to get as much Sindy stuff as possible.  I was lucky - although my parents couldn't afford a lot of the toys they did treat me to a lot!  AND they made me the BEST Sindy dolls house ever made!

Active Sindy doll in innovative horizontal packaging, United Kingdom, by Pedigree Toys.

Elves find new clothes - the elves and the shoemaker

Elves find new clothes - The Elves and the Shoemaker - Robert Lumley - Ladybird book

Lucozade ...

Lucozade - by hospital beds everywhere in the Remember getting this when i was in hospital. I hated it, only thing i liked was the orange cellophane.