Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 35 Pics

DIY LEGO table made from an old furniture. Did this with an old end table, made two layer lego play areas, with storage on shelf beneath. So Cute!

Love this idea...except for the boys at play part. Anyone can play! I had a blanket with fasteners on it when I was a toddler...fine motor skills are important.

DIY busy board full of switches, latches, and doo-dads for babies and toddlers to manipulate. This is great for fine motor skills. It is also a hazard for giving escapee toddlers the skills they need to get out unsupervised.

different textures framed for sensory garden wall

Different textures framed in a sensory garden; I have includes these different framed textures in my sensory board as they incorporate the idea of exploring textures for both the visually impaired as well as whose who are not. The overlapping frames allow

kiddy work bench .. We'll need one of these next to Drew's work bench when we have a kiddo :)

Ashley- since Carter wants to stand on his changing table.IKEA Hackers: Toy Workshop from a changing table.

The Imagination Tree: Baby Place Space for 6-18 Months: Inspired by Montessori and Reggio

Baby Place Space for 6-18 Months: Inspired by Montessori and Reggio

Hands On, Their Level (with suggestions for meeting a toddler's sensitive period for small objects while preventing choking hazards) from Montessori Messy

I've been busy transforming the spaces where we've had Primary Level Montessori materials (for ages 2 to into areas with only Atri.

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