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Military Watches for Men

Finally! After hours of searching, I’ve finally found the military watches for men that are worth buying! Now I’ve purchased one I was thinking of getting my brothers a similar model, with the holiday season fast approaching. I’ll show you the three I thought were the best. I better paint the picture for you, one I’m sure you’ve run into before! After having a basic digital watch for several years and that coming to the end of its life, I thought it was time for an upgrade. So I bought this…

I LOVE Christmas diffuser recipes! Honestly, I just love essential oils. So versatile and the worry of what could be in here? Is nonexistent. Want more information about essential oils? Pin now, check out my guide later! Christmas Toys, Christmas 2019, Merry Christmas, Christmas Movies, Christmas Candy, Family Christmas, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Holidays, Christmas Greetings

Red and White Christmas Crackers

Often the case at Christmas, when red and white Christmas crackers are needed to add the final touches to the dinner table, this year being no different! These being so sort after, within the family, we could be buying up to twenty plus boxes! Let me show you the tree types I thought were the best and why we chose the one we did. Before that, I better explain the situation I’m sure you’ve been involved in yourself at some stage! With my parents being on holiday abroad until late December…

Smart Working is Hard Working: Leopard Print Wrapping Paper Print Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Paper Design, Popular Pins, Wraps, How To Remove, Kids, Young Children, Boys

Leopard Print Wrapping Paper

This leopard print wrapping paper has made my wife’s day! Delivered just in time for the Christmas period, yet also she’s got enough spare to use throughout the year for birthdays, mother’s day etc.… Now she’s after some for her friends, I’ll show you the ones she was thinking of buying. But first, I better explain the story to you- which I’m sure you’ve heard before- that almost had a completely different outcome! As the Christmas spirit was drawing in mid-November, so too was the…

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Red White Green Christmas Lights

Thankfully these red white green Christmas lights are exactly what I was hoping for when I purchased them! With the Christmas period approaching I was thinking of getting some for my siblings, here are the three I think they’ll like. Before that, I better explain, I’m sure you’ve been involved in a similar scenario yourself like this! For years we have been putting up the same Christmas lights in our home, you name a place I’m sure we’ve had lights there at some stage! Bedrooms, living room…

Smart Working is Hard Working: Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree Christmas Trees Online, Family Christmas, Fiber Optic, Popular Pins, Women, Woman

Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

This fibre optic artificial Christmas tree has saved my families Christmas! It has come to that time of the year again where Christmas preparations begin and everything gets, well, just a little hectic! Whether its Christmas presents; parties, decorations or food there is always something on the checklist that needs ticking off. This year to add to the list, my parents long-serving Christmas tree has decided to retire itself- meaning a new model is needed! Let me show you the three I’ve been…

Wedding registry made simple! Registering for your wedding shouldn't be stressful. Wedding registry tips! Midlife Crisis, Rafting, Pool Paving, Driveway Paving, Tankini, Blue In The Face, Sibling Rivalry, Best Friendship Quotes, Broken Friendship

Wall to Wall Frameless Shower Screen

My parents absolutely love the wall to wall frameless shower screen I bought them a few weeks back! Other members of the family were so impressed they were after one themselves; here are the three I liked the best and why. But first I better justify where this sudden fascination developed from my family, something fairly common I imagine! After finally selling up the family home and retiring to the country, my parents had decided that before they could live the retirement dream a few tweaks…

Just the right product at the right time! The single futon sofa bed has been a timely purchase for me, with my daughter’s slumber party co. Never Eat Alone, Futon Sofa Bed, Beds Online, Popular Pins, To My Daughter, Influential People, Connect, Kids, Young Children

Single Futon Sofa Bed

Just the right product at the right time! The single futon sofa bed has been a timely purchase for me, with my daughter’s slumber party coming up they are exactly what I needed. Here are the three that were the best suited for me. Let me paint a picture before I continue, to a situation all that common in family households! My daughter’s 12th birthday is soon approaching and for the last ten months, at every possible opportunity she has emphasised the fact that she’s never had a slumber…

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Compact Folding Weight Bench

This compact folding weight bench is one of the best fitness items I’ve purchased! I have upsized house recently and with the extra space thought I could finally get some home gym equipment to supplement with my gym work or if I’m busy and only have time for a short workout. Here are the three benches I found that stood out for me. But first I better explain the scenario, I’m sure you have come across a familiar case before. After getting a new job in the city, the extra cash I’d saved for…

this year and it's time to start new Christmas traditions! I've got a Christmas gift guide of soft and cozy clothes plus the best Christmas games, Christmas movies, and shows to watch this holiday break! Christmas Gift Guide, Holiday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Ideas, Frugal Christmas, Holiday Ideas, Cozy Christmas, Christmas Inspiration, Christmas 2019

Oak Corner TV Stand

One of the best pieces of furniture I’ve ever bought, the oak corner TV stand, it has added to our new dining room fantastically! It’s the missing piece to our puzzle and now all our guests have been after a similar one. Here are the three I thought best matched ours and why I chose them. I better explain the setting first to really understand what I’m talking about- I’m sure you’ve probably heard something similar before. We recently needed an extension at the rear of the house to create…

Who knew Indiana had a nationally recognized wine country? Spend the day or a weekend exploring the wineries in the rolling hills of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail. Learn more about Indiana's wine heritage and the unique varietals of this region. Travel With Kids, Family Travel, European Travel, Travel Europe, Spain Travel, Rest Of The World, Real Friends, Travel Agency, Travel Guides

Wooden Trunk Coffee Table

It’s the best of both worlds a wooden trunk coffee table, firm enough to support an array of drinks, cakes, and even cats! Plus it provides an excellent place to store the mismatch of gadget accessories and kids toys that are often floating around our house. We needed a new one since the New Year and I can show you the three I thought were the best and why. But first I better explain how all this came about, we can’t be the only family, I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience! After another…

Smart Working is Hard Working: Black and White Couch Best Black, Black And White, White Couches, Popular Pins, Feel Good, White Sofas, Black N White, Black White

Black and White Couch

Is there a better feeling than relaxing after a long day on a black and white couch? With my sister so impressed with the recent sofa’s we bought, she’s looking to do the same. Let me show you the items that I think are the best and why I chose them. Firstly, I’d better go into detail on how this occurred, something I’m sure you’ve run into before. After we’d recently upgraded to our own leather sofa and loveseat, the news of this had spread around the family and any excuse for them to come…

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Round Black Coffee Table

Finally, we’ve managed to find one; this round black coffee table is exactly what we’ve been after! I’m thinking of getting my parents something similar with mother’s day approaching; let me show you the items I liked best and why. Before I continue let me paint a picture for you, something all too similar I imagine! After my parents had recently moved house, we were all invited round for a little get together to take a look around the new home, especially now they’ve got a few extra rooms…

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Frameless Bypass Shower Door

The extensive search is over, my brother and his family are extremely pleased with the frameless bypass shower door we managed to find for them. After my sister-in-law’s parents stayed with them for their annual holiday visit, they’re interested in getting something similar! Here are the items I liked best and why. I’ll go into some small detail before I go on, I’m sure it’s something you can relate too! With years of valuable service under its belt, the previous shower/bath tub combo my…

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Slate Top Coffee Table

One of the best coffee tables my sister has ever used is a slate top coffee table. Now my mother and father have been around to see it I think they’re interested in getting something similar, let me show you what I found for them. I’d better explain how they got their interest in the item, something I’m confident you’ll be familiar with! With Mother’s Day just gone and the annual family gathering complete, after we’d been out for our meal we headed back to ours for some cake and ice-cream- a…

I didn’t realise the type of comfort from a leather sofa and loveseat existed in this world! Now we’ve had the family get together for our. Believe In Yourself Quotes, Live For Yourself, Parenting Workshop, Leather Sofa And Loveseat, Family Get Together, Hard Quotes, My Attitude, Self Improvement Tips, Motivational Words

Leather Sofa and Loveseat

I didn’t realise the type of comfort from a leather sofa and loveseat existed in this world! Now we’ve had the family get together for our grandfather’s birthday, we’re thinking of getting something similar for our grandparents. Let me show you the items I liked best and why. Before I continue, I’d better give some detail into how this all started, something you’ve run into before I’m sure! As normal during evenings in our home, we tend to enjoy some television and a good lie down! Being too…

Smart Working is Hard Working: Frameless Neo Angle Showers Doors Neo Angle Shower Doors, Doors Online, Popular Pins, Angles, Showers

Frameless Neo Angle Showers Doors

One of the best showers we’ve ever used, all thanks to the frameless neo angle shower doors we purchased not so long ago! We’re tempted to get a matching set for the downstairs bathroom too, let me show you what I found. Before I continue I’d better explain how this ended up happening, something fairly common I hope! With our bathroom, a ‘normal’ shaped room is something it’s never been described as! The oddly positioned corners and walls make it more of an obstacle course than a room to…