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an old red truck parked in front of a house
Banketbakkerij Maison Kelder
an old blue car parked in a garage
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Citroen 2cv camionnette MICHELIN date de première mise en circulation 23.12.1977 confectionné pour le transport de pneux au sain de l'usine Michelin à Clermont Ferrand. Elle fut mise a la r...
an old black and white photo of a pickup truck with the bed up in the back
The 2CV Pick-ups supplied to the Royal Navy
an old red car parked in the middle of a forest with leaves on the ground
an old truck driving down the road with a castle in the background
Mont St. Michel...
Mont St. Michel... | par CitroenAZU
an old pickup truck is parked in the grass at a car show with other antique cars
an old car driving down the road in front of a castle on top of a hill
Miss Sparkle
Miss Sparkle — Citroen 2CV van
an old truck parked on the side of a dirt road next to trees and grass
an old pick up truck sitting in the grass near other cars and tents behind it
Hard core.....
an old truck is parked on the side of the road in front of some grass
Hemmings Find of the Day, 1973 Citroen AK 400 | The Online Automotive Marketplace | Hemmings
Hemmings Find of the Day, 1973 Citroen AK 400 | Hemmings
a small white truck parked on top of a lush green field
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Citroën AK400 1975