Stewart Bracegirdle

Stewart Bracegirdle

Scotland / Art enthusiast with a like for all things design.
Stewart Bracegirdle
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This would definitely save my 'S' jumper from spills

So many times I've spilled when making a cake. Please Moominmamma Apron, protect me while I bake! - Moominmamma cotton apron for adults by Petit Jour

These would be great for me and all my friends :)

This product includes six similar mugs in one package. Moomin winter season mug 2016 features Moomintroll, Hemulen, Sorry-oo and the Snowhorse from the book Moo


A sweet soft Moomintroll plush-toy, height 25 cm. Perfect for a little cuddling! Beautiful white colored Moomintroll with blue eyes. Ready for you to make him y

Admiring the sunset

Muurla Moomin enamel mug with candle Sunset, black « Moomin Products « Ihanaiset web shop

The perfect companion for moomin tea!

Nach dem großen Erfolg der rosa Håll Sverige Rent Mumintasse, die im Januar

I'd better brush up on my Finnish before reading...!

The Moomins and the Great Flood is the firts book about the Moomins, originally published in It is the story about Moominmamma and Moomintroll's search fö

S for Snufkin...and Stewart

Moomin Alphabet sweatshirt - S as in Snufkin - The Official Moomin Shop - 1

I'd love to try these!

Bagged Moomin Tea - Best Moment of the Day - The Official Moomin Shop - 1