Stewart Bracegirdle

Stewart Bracegirdle

Scotland / Art enthusiast with a like for all things design.
Stewart Bracegirdle
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This would definitely save my 'S' jumper from spills

So many times I've spilled when making a cake. Please Moominmamma Apron, protect me while I bake! - Moominmamma cotton apron for adults by Petit Jour

These would be great for me and all my friends :)

This product includes six similar mugs in one package. Moomin winter season mug 2016 features Moomintroll, Hemulen, Sorry-oo and the Snowhorse from the book Moo


A sweet soft Moomintroll plush-toy, height 25 cm. Perfect for a little cuddling! Beautiful white colored Moomintroll with blue eyes. Ready for you to make him y

Admiring the sunset

Black enamel mug featuring Little My, Snorkmaiden and Moomintroll. Brighten your darkening nights with a lovely Moomin candle inside this beautiful enamel mug.

The perfect companion for moomin tea!

Håll Sverige Rent blue Moomin mug by Arabia - The Official Moomin Shop - 1

Dimensions: x 9 cmThe sticker has an excellent durability and also outdoor performance if you want to use the sticker otherwise than as a laptop decoration.

S for Snufkin...and Stewart

Moomin Alphabet sweatshirt - S as in Snufkin - The Official Moomin Shop - 1

I'd love to try these!

Selection of 4 different flavoured bagged tea. The box contain 20 tea bags á 5 x Sweetheart - Black tea with wild strawberry x I should know - B