Mirror glaze cakes are simply cakes decorated by applying mirror glazes on some parts or the entire body of the cake. Mirror glazes can be used to cover the top and the sides of cakes , where creams and mousses are prevalent. Covering a cake with a shiny glaze makes it instantaneously chic, profess
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Decadent and velvety chocolate mousse with chocolate mirror glaze. A rich melt in your mouth dessert with hidden raspberries inside.
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The internet are baffled by the unbelievably flawless shine that Olga achieves from her magical cake concoction and super icing skills

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Uma confeiteira russa ensinou a fazer e não parece ser tão difícil. Veja aqui.
The pastry chef uses gelatin to make the glaze look mirror-like. The best cake when the occasion calls for a special cake that's not boring. And You Can Do It Too: Here' s the
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Russian confectioner Olga Noskova creates cakes that look different from most of the sweet treats we're used to eating. While many delectable desserts are adorned with fluffy frosting, Noskova produces vibrant cakes that look like they’re made of porcelain or polished marble—basically, they look too pristine and shiny to be an actual edible. To create this illusion, she uses a special glaze that makes the confectionery surface appear flawlessly smooth and glossy—you can even see your…
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