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The Last McLaren F1 Ever Built Is for Sale—and in Mint Condition [BREAKING NEWS] | Automobiles

The obligatory engine bay shot of McLaren chassis which is being offered for sale by McLaren Special Operations Heritage division with less than miles covered from new.

This is our society.

This Is Our Society by gearboy - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Gender equality

The double standards for men and women go both ways. Feminism is good for men too, because it strives to find a way for men and women to be treated equally and not be controlled by gender norms.

How 'Game of Thrones' costumes have changed over 6 seasons — and what it means for your favorite characters

got characater costumes seasons Its like they all were preparing for a big war by changing their hair ( except for dany she was ready to go from season Like sansa just went full mma ghetto style hair like she aint taking no shit in season

FACTS MAN! FACTS!>>> 25 Man Secrets That All Men Should Be Aware Of. Knowing These Will Save You a Lot Of Trouble

So funny! 25 Man Secrets That All Men Should Be Aware Of - Mostly common sense, a few very obvious and several very handy