Surprises inside cakes inspiration

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How to make a zebra cake with stripes on the inside

How to make a zebra cake

I bought a zebra cake to make at home & this is exactly what they told you to do! How to make a zebra cake with stripes on the inside.I don't care about the stripes just that it's a marble cake.

Flower Cake

3 Beautiful Cakes Hiding Fun Surprises Inside

Owl Face Reveal Bread How-To

Owl Face Reveal Bread

Owl Face Reveal Bread I really like these birds and their faces on things make me smile every time. I found this recipe and it caught …

Tulips And Butterflies Inside Cake

Using my pictures inside cake method, I felt a little Spring coming along….well, we are actually heading into Winter now in South Africa…but Spring just sounds that much better.

Suprise cake

Surprise-Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion--with a Little Something Extra Inside: Amanda Rettke