Lil cub spread your wings by *vidagr on deviantART

The tammer, also known as winged rabbit - a popular pet among the elves. IllustStudio, tablet ( speedpaint - about 40 min ) Lil cub spread your wings

It's a feathery white Toothless<<<animal creature species design  drawing with wings that are white and blue like Toothless dragon

The Mythical Frost Feather by RenePolumorfous on DeviantArt <-- this looks like a white Toothless! A female Night Fury?

artissimo: “l o r d 1 by xiaodi jin Spectrum III: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art ”

Stay & Wander ( “Scenes in Greenland that will transport the mind back through history. Photo by

story inspiration

Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

John Park - Dragon Lady

Manon and Abraxos [John Park Dragon Girl Concept Art Illustration]

"You miss this shot," His friend chuckled, resting against the tree trunk, "And…

I'll set you on fire with one touch. ~ETS (Combine fire, glow and crack effect in Adobe Photoshop to create a realistic burning image.