"Eesa" by Tatchit.

"Eesa" by Tatchit. This creature looks so cool! It looks a lot like a mixture of a wolf and a fox. Most of it screams fox to me except the tail

Enciende tu vida. Busca aquellos que encienden tus llamas... ॐ  Rumi

25 Extraordinary Photographs

Symbol: The Flame is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The person Holding the flame in his hands symbolizes that The Holy Spirit will always be with us holding our hand and guiding the way.

Merman by KKKKITI.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Why does this look like a freaking merman version of Percy Jackson!

Naja nigricollis by *IsisMasshiro on deviantART    http://isismasshiro.deviantart.com/art/Naja-nigricollis-95053603?q=gallery%3Aisismasshiro%2F4719818=5

The Black Spitting Cobra Series of snake-based creatures, because I just love snakes look and four legged things.

a beautiful dagger, a beautiful gift, a beautiful bringer of death