Top songs in 1972 -- I remember most of them and probably would recognize the majority of the ones I'm not sure of if I heard them. Probably just never knew the titles. Funny that they messed up Song Sung Blue. :)

1972 Rock Survey in high school haha forgot about some of these songs

school glue

Vintage school glue bottle ~ the slit would open when you pressed down on the top.

Retro Toys

vintage toy - travel number puzzle game by christian montone - i remember busting the tiles out and putting them back n how i wanted!

Oh how I loved playing marbles!

Glass Toy Marbles - Vintage I still love marbles! Used to play them at recess in elementary school. The principal regarded it as gambling and put a stop to it. I was a elementary recess, draw a circle in the dirt, marble gambler too!

Icon of the 70's

November 1977 The Bee Gees release the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, which will go on to become the then best selling album of all time.

Made rugs for our Barbies and Troll dolls!

Punniken met een houten klosje - ''Spool Knitting,'' on an empty thread spool

1970's Tupperware - I was a tupperware lady for a couple of years, but it never wears out ! Still have some

vintage Tupperware Collection hot kitchen colors: Coffee, harvest gold, avocado, and burnt orange. My Grandma sold Tupperware so it was all through our kitchen when I was a kid.

1970s Matey Bubble Bath

Matey Bubble Bath Why did Matey have to change the old version of this bubble bath? Fab bottle and it used to make your bath water blue - bring it back!

Troll Dolls became one of the United States' biggest toy fads from the autumn of 1963 through 1965. What child of the 60's didn't have a Troll Doll?

Vintage Russ Troll Dolls

70's movie posters. Check them out. Webdesigner Depot

Super Freaky Movie Posters of the 70's

Star Wars Original Trilogy by George Lucas, 1983 (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher)

Janet and John books... My first school books!

Janet and John books. My first school books! - but also remembering Terry Wogan and lots of giggles!