Sillón tapizado con bordados mexicanos, haciendo que con los colores de las flores no se pierda la esencia mexicana.

Mixing luxury furniture design and traditional Mexican floral embroidery creates something totally outstanding!

Vintage Setee by Chez Boheme

Vintage Carved Settee Reupholstered with Antique Red Suzani by chezboheme on Etsy

Poltrona. I don't love the colorway of this print, but it shows the design better than the previous pin.

Suzani Print Bath Button Back Armchair and Ottoman via Graham and Green

"Вышитая мебель - это стильно"

"Вышитая мебель - это стильно" (Милые сердцу штучки: рукоделие, декор и многое другое)

I want this at my shop

vintage style chair in gloss black with hand embroidery artwork, day of the dead sugar skull